About Us

Victory for all Alaskans through a self-sufficient, sustainable and fulfilling life.

Rescue Alaska is a non-profit organization that provides support to and creates organizations and programs committed to “breaking the grip” of abuse, addiction, and economic hardship of Alaskans.”

Who we are

We are a group of passionate people determined to see Alaska in state of victory. We exist to see its streets clean, children educated, families’ restored, and residents set free from the vices of alcoholism, poverty, sexual slavery, drug use, and depression. With a vision for hope, we seek to empower our people to be productive, contributing members to society.

What we do

Through resources and programs, we serve as an advocate for the hurting, and as a fellow fighter in our state’s battles. We partner with organizations and individuals who share in the same passion, and together we support, fund, and create programs, organizations, and opportunities for Alaskans to find and sustain a better life.

What we’re going to do

There is no limit to our team’s goals. We are currently supporting and funding resources in various prisons in Alaska, and will continue to do so. On top of our broad hopes for positive resources and programs inside of correctional facilities state-wide, our other immediate initiatives include but are not restrained to high-academic charter schools, safe-houses for trafficked women, funding for local organizations and outreaches, and the production of easy-accessible programs and resources for education, rehabilitation, and restoration throughout the state.

Get involved

We can’t do this without you. The hardships Alaskans face are far too big for one individual or organization to take on by itself. We ask that you join us. The trials may be great, but with many passionate, zealous people as their advocate, we can provide the resources our people need. Together, we can help Alaskans “choose victory.”