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Hope in Our Prisons: A Partnership with God Behind Bars

According to the National Institute of Corrections, in 2011 Alaska’s crime rate was 2% higher than the national average. In America, The Bureau of Justice Statistics states that on average, two-thirds of released prisoners are re-arrested and one-half are re-incarcerated within three years of release. With many jails, prisons, and correctional facilities in place, but AK’s crime rate continuing to be one the nation’s highest, and repeat offenders staying within the system, there is one thing for sure: we need hope in our prisons.

Rescue Alaska has partnered with God Behind Bars, a religious-based organization birthed out of Las Vegas, NV, that “intends to introduce prisoners to God’s life-changing principles, thereby helping them turn their broken road of failure into a solid pathway of personal success.”* God Behind Bars provides teachings, experiences, and resources for the inmates that encourage, challenge, and equip them to lead lives of purpose and accomplishment.

We have had the opportunity to journey with many inmates within Alaska’s prisons, and see for ourselves the resources & experiences they are being given. Witnessing the change within the prisoner’s eyes, demeanors, and lives after prison is one of the most rewarding things we at Rescue Alaska have ever experienced. Currently, Rescue Alaska provides audio & visual resources for the God Behind Bars programs, offers resources for inmates post-prison to have sustainable lives, and sends volunteers and motivational speakers to Ketchikan Prison, Highland Mountain Correctional Center, and beyond—still, this is just skimming the surface of what we hope to bring to correctional facilities all over the state. Along with God Behind Bars and the staff at our partner prisons, we hope for, believe in, and work towards changing crime statistics, seeing lives restored, and seeing the people of Alaska grasp on to a brighter future.

Rescue Alaska looks forward to growing our reach in the prisons and correctional facilities in Alaska. Please visit Donate if you would like to partner with us.


North to the Future: A Vision for Higher Education

“North to the Future.” With Alaska owning such an inspiring and hopeful motto, Rescue Alaska exists to make this state’s catch phrase into a reality. To accomplish this goal long-term, we must set the course for the equipment, empowerment, and education of our children and young adults. The future lies within the wisdom and choices of the next generation.

According to the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education, in 2008 Alaska ranked 50th, or last, in the number of ninth-graders who would likely have a Bachelor’s degree in 10 years. Rescue Alaska has a vision to change this statistic around, and to see our youth grow into educated, successful men and women. With so many curriculums and classrooms standardized without paying mind to the specific students and needs at hand, our vision is to build and sustain a charter school for the people of the community, specifically. We will equip students with the life lessons, world perspectives, and practical tools they will need to receive a higher education, and to become productive members of society. Designed for the unique needs, culture, and people of the community, students will be paved a road to individual and holistic success.

Our mission is currently taking form in the beginning stages, as we need many more partners and resources to make such a school a reality. However, we are committed to the next generation of Alaskans, and will continue to advocate for them and our plans for facilities of learning and thriving. With the proper resources within their schools, communities, and homes, the next generation will have no direction to go other than “north to the future.”

Rescue Alaska asks that you join us in brightening the future of the next generation, and equipping them with the resources they need through the building of this school. Please visit Donate if you would like to partner with us.